Dept of Physics, University of Oxford
Student for Doctor of Philosophy, Oct 2011- present
Graduate research student in the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics sub-department.
Working in the climate and ocean physics group, under the supervision of Laure Zanna and a MET Office CASE studentship with Jason Lowe.
Thesis submitted on October 1st, defending on November 9th.

Dept of Physics, University of Cambridge Oct 2007 – June 2011
M.Sci in Physics
grades: Class 1


Imperial College, London UK, 15 December 2015: “The influence of Southern Ocean winds on the North Atlantic carbon sink” (seminar talk).

University of Reading, Reading, UK, 28th October 2015: “The impact of large scale circulation changes on ocean heat and carbon storage” (group meeting talk).

British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge UK, 27th October 2015: “The influence of Southern Ocean winds on the North Atlantic carbon sink” (seminar talk).

Ocean Sciences general meeting 2014:
Bronselaer, B., Zanna, L., Munday, D., Lowe, J. “Southern Ocean carbon feedbacks: more than just wind?” (Poster)
Muglia, J., Brody, S., Bronselaer, B., Johnson, L. Pilcher, D. ”Model metrics for the seasonal ocean pCO2 cycle” (Poster)

NCAR Advanced Summer Program colloquium 2013: Carbon-climate connections in the Earth System, 3 weeks (Attended)
Lectures: land and ocean carbon cycle modelling and nutrient limitation.
Practicals: ocean ecosystem models, atmospheric inverse modelling.
Project: developing a metric for comparing CMIP5 models’ ocean seasonal carbon cycle with observations.

European Geophysical Union general meeting 2013:
Bronselaer, B., Zanna, L., Lowe, J. “Impact of ocean circulation on ocean carbon and heat content changes.” (Poster)
Challenger Ocean Modelling 2012, University of East Anglia, UK, 3rd-6th September: “Ocean- atmosphere carbon and heat exchange” (talk).